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MiraRack 1.21

MiraRack is a device designed to control Ableton Live audio audio effect racks via Mira, a web app/iPad app that connects to a Max patch over the local network. What makes it extra useful is the ability to use multitouch to control up to five dials simultaneously!

Insert this Max for Live patcher directly before an audio effect rack to control the parameters from your Mira client. No mapping required!

The title section displays the track and rack names. Tap on the buttons to set the dials to 12 o'clock (useful for parameters with a default value in the middle).

To connect to Mira, purchase the Mira iPad app from the Apple App Store. Alternately, you can install the Mira Web Max package and connect from any browser to the IP address displayed in MiraRack. Make sure that Mira's view mode is set to Patching!

- audio and MIDI Max for Live devices
- automatic device detection / reset button
- track and device name display
- 12 o'clock button for parameters with the zero value in the middle
- Mira Web IP address display
- ability to use multiple MiraRack devices

Find out more about Mira at https://cycling74.com/products/mira

If you run into any issues, please check the developer's FAQ on MIRA:


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  • The download includes two Max for Live devices: one for audio and one for MIDI tracks.
  • Size297 KB


MiraRack 1.21

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